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Dallas Bayly

Director CEO of Fulu Property
Dallas Bayly has decades of experience in wide range of property sales and development projects in Australia and New Zealand. He has run his own group of real estate agencies successfully in Australia have later sold the business to focus on property development.

Dallas has engineered the revolutionary platform to address the affordable Housing and Wealth Creation gap in the global market. The new currency technology will be the first to be back and tied to property assets and the dependable income they generate.

our passion

Australia has been built on a foundation of hard work and passion, and its people, due to their geographic distance, have developed an innovative spirit.
FULU Property has formed its team to play a significant part in the development of the nation. Now, since inception, FULU Property is standing apart from its peers and aims to become the most trusted property brand in Australia.


A new class of real estate ownership and an exceptional and focused property management protocol, offering a robust solution for the distribution of rich income streams of rental income.