Calculator Disclosure

The figures and estimates of commission income are based on the current commission structure of $250 Per first level G-PAL licensee sold and then $125 for each introduced and second level G-PAL licensee appointed.

The commissions are postulated, on the current introductory price of the G-PAL Licensing Opportunity at a combined price with the purchase of a Piptle with a mean value of $3000 Each.

The $3880 G-PAL license Application fee (including an introductory Fulu Property Pty Ltd company loan of $3000, to be converted to your first Piptle sometime in Late September or early October) is subject to a GST amount of $88.80 – is the sum on the combined cost of the membership and the first Blockchain Course as required by the Piptle Academy, run by the Piptle Wealth Management Pty Ltd .

The Calculator is assuming full payment of all the above Invoiced and scheduled payments.
The rewards and commission structure is purposed to increase on the 20th of August 2020 to the Sum of $4880 (+ the applicable GST amount on the course and annual Membership Fee).

The current commissions are subject and applicable to signed G-PAL applicants and Licensees. The course commissions and membership can be changed by the company, by the company giving and advising 14 days-notice by email, to all members, the relevant changes in the price.

The calculator must not be relied on for any inference of any personal income, as all G-PAL licensees are paid on and only for their own ability to generate and secure the sales – there is no warranty that any down-line G-PAL licensee, will generate and secure the sales inferred and projected by you adjusting the numbers of the calculator. This is only to surmise outcomes on the possible scenario of sales that may happen.

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